Panels & Sales


If you are an artist who plans on offering commissions, exhibit your work or sell prints of your art, we offer you a conditioned sales floof and internet access for mobile payments.

 ¿What is included in the bundle?

  • Half a table per artist.
  • The space is for two days, that could be continuous.
  • WiFi access for mobile payments (please notify during registration if you need wifi access).


Its undefined yet, we will find the adequate space to accommodate the most amount of people.
No. The places and table arrangements will be assigned as part of the dealer’s lottery.
This area does not have electrical outlets. Extensions, if necessary, can be requested during registration. They might have an extra cost from the hotel for setup.
The cost for a spot is $350 mexican pesos.


  • Be the creator of the art you offer.
  • Be registered with a general, sponsor or super sponsor at least 30 days before the start of the convention.
  • Have some examples of your merchandise or materials offered.
  • In case you are selected, cover the cost associated with the solicited space.
  • Wait for the lottery for the selection of the table space and location (subject to availability).
By enrolling in Dealer’s Den you accept the Cityfur Sales rules & regulations and the set of particular rules described below:  
  • You cannot participate simultaneously in the Artist Alley and Dealer’s Den.
  • If you are underage, you must have a signed permission slip from your legal guardian authorizing you to participate in our Artist Alley and that they agree to accompany you at CityFur as a representative. The slip will be provided during registration confirmation.
  • Only one person per spot will be allowed for the artist alley, with the exceptions of underage artists which will be accompanied by their guardians at all times.
  • You can only participate in the lottery for two of our three convention days that could be any of the following: Group A (Fraiday and Saturday), Group B (Saturday and Sunday) or Group C (Friday and Sunday).
  • You must dismount your space at the end of the day. No items on the Artist Alley are will be allowed overnight, even if your assigned group participates the next day.

Download your rules here: Sales Rulebook