Our Charity

“Fundación para el desarrollo y bienestar Yaakunah A.C.” is a nonprofit civil association with presence in Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

Their name is a combination of the mayan words “Yaakun”meaning love and “Nah” meaning home, which takes a second meaning when the purpose of the nonprofit is taken into account. 
One of their goals is to rehabilitate animals that were victims of mistreatment, violence or abandoned to integrate them into a new safe
permanent home or as co-therapists of Yaakunah.

Their second goal goes hand in hand with the first one thanks to some animals they train, which is how they offer assisted therapies with these rehabilitated animals.

The way they sustain the organization is with donations obtained from people like you who are interested in animal conservation and helping those who are more in need as well as the sale of products made by the members. Their most distinguished products are different jams that you’ll be able to find for sale at CityFur.