Guests of Honor


Deanna biesemeyer,
Also known as Ino/skyprocostumes is a fursuit maker and artiest from Phoenix, AZ who has been making and selling custom fursuits sens the age of twelve developing her skills and technique under the name skypro costumes.  You may also know her by the iconic character she performs as, Telephone. Telephone A dutch angel dragon is part of a passion project of Deannas called Dutch angel dragons that has been developing for 10 years. They are and open but regulated species where anyone can create their own. This species also has a story lore being written by deanna and many more plans and announcements for the future.

Crash Azarel

Oop! That is, Heyo! My name is Crash :D In portuguese! And yeah, thats portuguese because I'm a furry from Brazil! I've been in the fandom for about... Gosh! 8 ? 9 ? 10 years !? I dont know for sure, but its defnetly been a fun ride! 

I'm known mostly as a Fursuiter for making many pictures, vines and videos on Youtube, twitter and other social medias! Just your regular goofy wolf who happens to have a big, BIG fancy for Pizzas. Pizza is not all that I like though. I'm also a HEMA practicioner, part-time furry artist, fighter and reeeeeeally into playing games. 

I've been attending cons for a few years now !!! But only started making my way into international cons a couple years from now, having been to Anthrocon, MFF and Eurofurence so far! While also being a regular attendee and ex-Guest of Honor at BrasilFurFest, Furcamp and Argentina FurFiesta! Each of which have been very special for me, for nothing gives me more pleasure than meeting new furs and hanging out with them. Which leads me to say, if you see me around at the con, PLEASE! Dont think twice before coming up and saying hi :D! I promise I'm approachable. (SPECIALLY IF YOU BRING A PIZZAA TRIBUTE !!!).

There is only one nono about me. Dont mention how short I am. OKAY
!? I'M NOT SHORT. AHHHH. Fine you can mention I'm short. I forgive. But it'll
cost you pizza. Looking forward to seeing you all <3 

If you wanna hit me up before the con, you can find me on Youtube, Twitter or Facebook I always leave my direct messages open, and try to get back to peopple when I can! I just apologize if I take a bit! I'm a busy woof with work and college!!! but I do try my best <3 

Invited Artists

Kary Draws

Kary is a digital illustrator and furry artist since 2012 with a toony oriented style to semi realistic. She only works with SWF art.

The style she manages is one with a very noticeable and colorful illumination, with various styles and glittery effects that so much characterize her.

She works only as a digital illustrator and is happy to draw for each one of her followers and friends.

Señor Nutria

Señor Nutria (Mister Otter) is a mexican designer and illustrator that occasionally believes himself an otter. With a 10 year trajectory in the fandom and art style in constant evolution, he likes to incur in multiple aspects of the artistic sphere, Alongside Tanukidad he’s developing the LGBTQ comic Sweetleaves as an illustrator. He’s currently working on RudderButts, a Mexican company focused on underwear with a furry theme.

Fumi Bat

An illustrator and cartoon artist furry who loves cartoon and all types of animated things.
With each drawing she tries to give the best of herself and express the most she can. The main style she manages is toony but she’s always open to try new styles.


Blakefox is a natural colored red fox, relaxed attitude and lover of beaches, cooking and neon blue light and tired of being an arqui-fox office worker has dived into the life of the anthro /furry art, self-taught and with an experimental style, I’ll try to make the best art I can.



Metalpup is a furry since he was 17 year old with a great passion for all music, especially with Thrash Metal, loves making new friends and loves coca-cola. He loves the to fursuit and making people smile fills him with happiness. His favorite art style is toony.

El tío Brendt

Uncle Brendt is an English brown colored fox who lives in Mexico City, he’s ventured slowly into the fandom since 4 years ago, starting making youtube videos to entertain the public. He’s organizer of Camping Paws & CityFur, loves good conversations, coffee; especially starbucks. He loves hanging out with friends. Two years ago with Koidel the coyote and PacoPanda they started a podcast called Viernes Furry. He’s been a presenter for Confuror for 2 years.


A dragoness with a degree in communication sciences, oriented towards marketing and public relations. Passionate about mustelids, shibas, fantastic creatures and lions. She enjoys the furry art and fandom. She calls herself a ferret, called “Baguette”. 

She loves investigation, reading, art, travel and photography.

Almita Otter

Illustrator, IT, cooking lover. She likes to help out animals and endangered species through illustration and design, collaborating with rescue
and collaboration institutions. She created her characters for comics and funny stories to create conscience about taking care of the environment and promote values.


Karma is an awarded Mexican artist.

She has worked with different organizations on a national level; from conventions, colleges, universities and government institutions. Besides being an invited guest to multiple convention this past year.

At the moment she’s studying graphic design, she’s a part time illustrator, costume maker and cosplayer.


Adrian is a Mexican architect that identifies himself as a king cheetah that usually likes to visit new places. He’s very sociable, and a coffee lover.


Fursuit maker since 2009, PawiePaws is a studio that specializes in toony and semi-realistic designs always looking to improving and creating moments by building dreams of those who trust them. Initiated by Ettevy, the rainbow wolf, it’s currently a team.


Just a generic Mexican wolf / red fox, extra floofy. He loves photography, grilling/cook outs and being extra floofy.


Gyan Nightwolf

Gyan is a Mexican artist and illustrator, besides being a fursuit maker and fursuiter. She currently dedicates herself to illustrating for the furry community, being in it for more than 10 years and a lifetime dedicated to art. She’d determined to continue in her animation career to share with the world her ideas.


Hey! My name is Niu-ka, I’m a silver fox who loves to draw friendship related themed drawings. I was captivated by the furry themes during one of my biology classes. I’ve been from Peru’s fandom for 6 years and I’m improving my artistic style. Pleasure to meet you!!!


Young artist and an apprentice illustrator. Minze is an adorable charismatic and optimist dragon, always open to new ideas and new knowledge to improve personally, as much as professionally and develop projects and ideas for the furry fandom such as illustrations, comics, animations, etc.


AndyTD is an upcoming Mexican artist and professional illustrator & design student; lover of basset hounds, plush toys and pastel colors. 2 years dedicated to illustration, based on her experiences she looks to maintain empathy with the public with small illustrations and strips of different styles for different occasions.


21 year old freelancer, fennec fox and fursuiter behind Doggesaur since 2017, she searches for new ways to improve her artistic career, with 9 years behind her style, perfecting it to be more flashy for those who follow her art. Future tatoo artist who will search for her first clients
in the fandom, she works at the moment as a certified bartender, leader of FurmeetALaMexicana since 2017, collaborator of SuperBread since 2015 alongside KwyGboo (currently under maintenance).


Independent 29-year-old artist dedicated to traditional and digital artist with a focus on an anime and anthropomorphic style. Active since 2015 and self-taught and with all the energy to give the best to the furry fandom community in Mexico.

Bani Flakes

Bani Flakes is a furry artist from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, who’s aspiration in life is to break the stigma of living off illustration.
Loves to appreciate reality to inspire herself in her drawings and improve her style. She aspires to be a fursuit maker and grow as an illustrator in the fandom.


Mamá Mascota

Artist and fursuit maker since 2013, she dedicates herself to make suits, art and furry accessories primarily for the Mexican market, she likes to experiment constantly to improve her work.

Loves candy, desserts and doughnuts, like a good mother she doesn’t doubt in giving you a good chanclazo if you’re a bad puppy.

Netzune Nivres

CatFox hybrid, furry since 2012, artist, fursuiter, lover of videogames, dancing and fun. She likes to do some furry crafts like plushies and she’s part of the furry collective “Galactic Clawz”.

Lover of plushies and animals, she enjoys the company of friends and loves to make new ones. If you see her say hi, she doesn’t bite.

Allucard The Stripped Oni

Audiovisual yokai, I live in your coffee, omnic that’s been in the fandom since 2012, sharing experiences, learning of new friends, getting to know new stops (Always accompanied by a coffee, why not?). Post-producer and communicator by degree, audiovisual vedette and space trash dad.

Shide Snowmoon

Shide is a trans furry girl since 2009 dedicated to be an artist and photography apprentice, always looking to improve in what she does. She loves to travel, even backpacking and to spend the most amount of time possible with friends always preaching

Milko WerePurpo

In the furry fandom since 2007, Milko is a fursuiter who loves music, dance, giving out hugs, posing for photos but overall make friends and help the community with a lot of dedication and care. He’s also designer and maker of harnesses and muzzles for fursuits. Devout lover of beer and meat cuts.


Royal eagle/gryphon, in the fandom since approximately 2004. He’s an IT technician and student of nutrition, fursuiter and lover of furry conventions, ¡travel and food!