Yep! Let us tell you how CityFur came to be from an idea to reality.

Everything started with us watching videos, photos and stories about conventions and events around the world where we saw that furries could make friends, hang out and meet new interesting people, diversely express themselves in an incredible way and purchase products related to the fandom. 

With all this in mind, we started to plan the possibility to have some of this in our own beautiful city, a space where furries from all over Mexico can get together, coexist and overall have a great weekend full of activities and experiences.  

This is how we started to undertake this project, negotiating with different hotels that were capable of adapting to our furry necessities. It was a challenge convincing the hotels about our goal and in various occasions they were surprised with the idea, as it was a new concept for Mexico. Regardless, many were happy to collaborate with us. That is when we ran into our friends at Holiday Inn Coyocan, where we will be enjoying our first ever edition of CityFur 2020.  

This is only a small part of our history because your experience with us will be the greater part of this story, which we hope ever ends.  

¿Who’s Kiixy?

The story about our beloved mascot starts with the species of our favorite convention bird. 

Kiixy is a quetzal, a species adored by the mayans and aztecs with different gods.  

Her name is a word in the Mountainous Northern Mixe dialect that means ‘girl’ or ‘child girl’. The Mixe dialect is from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, this variant being specifically from Totontepec and Tlahuitoltepec.

She’s a very cheerful bird, who loves to soar through the air without a destination while singing her favorite tunes until arriving at the next unknown spot. Always curious to see what’s beyond her current knowledge. Full of energy, but always has enough time to calm down and listen to her friends, and to make new ones.

She loves pozole and sometimes in the mornings you’ll see her eating a tamal torta without forgetting some delicious atole.